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Faculty Resources

Are you a faculty member looking at proposing a new interim course or to repeat a course? Please find the updated proposals to download and turn into the Office of Off-Campus Programs below. 

New Course Proposals for January 2020

• Due June 1st, 2018- Academic Affairs Pre-Planning Form

• Due September 1st, 2018- Interim 2020 new program proposal .doc

Existing Course Proposals for January 2020

• Due October 1st, 2018-Interim 2020 statement of intent for existing courses .doc

Existing Course Proposals with Modifications for January 2020

• Due October 1st, 2018- Interim 2020 existing course with modifications .doc
Used for Reimbursing an employee

International Studies Office Credit Card Request Form
Credit Card Request Form.pdf

Form to request payment for all outside vendors

Form to be filled out for monthly credit card statement each

Form to request a travel advance