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User Charges

The user charges on this page were approved by Bethel University for FY22 fiscal year and are subject to change in future years.


Third-Party Study Abroad (Semester, J-term, Summer)

Application Processing Charge* $38.00           
CISI Insurance $37.50 per 30 days period                                                                 
Admin Charge $500.00  for semester participants and $250 - for summer 
Provider Charge varies by program

Faculty-Led Short Term Study Abroad

Application Processing Charge* $38.00 
Installment Payment 1** 1/3 of overall program price                                                              
Installment Payment 2 2/3 of overall program price
Installment Payment 3 3/3 of overall program price
*Application Processing Charge is non-refundable after your application is reviewed and accepted or waitlisted.
**Includes CISI insurance and admin charge that is non-refundable after your application is reviewed and accepted, rejected, or waitlisted unless recoverable.


All charges will be paid through TouchNet, charged through your Bethel student account, or paid through a protected WuFoo form to Bethel University's Business Office.