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Participation Requirements
  1. The student must complete a study abroad application and receive approval for the study program from the Office of Off-Campus Programs/International Studies. Approval must also come from the student's academic advisor, Registrar, Student Accounts, and Office of Student Life.
  2. Applications for Interim programs must be submitted by October 1. Applications for semester programs will vary. Fall programs typically will have a mid-March deadline, while spring applications are due mid-October. If a non-Bethel program has an earlier application deadline, it is the student's responsibility to meet that deadline.
  3. Student must have a minimum 2.2 grade point average when making application for Interim programs. Semester programs have a minimum requirement of 2.5. Individual programs may require a higher average. GPA must also be met when the program begins. A student may not participate in an off-campus studies program while on academic or disciplinary probation.
  4. Students must complete a minimum of 30 credits to be eligible for semester off-campus programs.  Students must complete one semester at Bethel prior to studying off-campus.  Individual program requirements vary.
  5. For students participating in non-Bethel programs, credits earned in approved programs will normally transfer to Bethel (students must earn a letter grade of "C" or higher, or the equivalent). However, to assure that this credit will transfer to Bethel to meet specific requirements, the student must process a "Petition for Off-Campus Credit" form. This form should be processed before the student begins an off-campus program.  Please see the Office of International Studies for more specific information about grade transfer.
  6. In many cases financial aid (with the exception of participation or performance awards) will apply toward an approved off-campus study program. This aid is most often in the form of loans.
  7. Bethel will bill the student account for the cost of the off-campus program. Comprehensive fees vary from program to program. For interim courses, monthly payments will be due in October, November and December. If loans are being used, the Office of Off-Campus Programs/International Studies must have written confirmation from the Office of Financial Planning that a loan is in process for the course.
  8. The student account in the Business Office must be paid in full or receive special clearance prior to participating in an off-campus program. If the student decides to withdraw from a program after acceptance, s/he will be responsible for the payment of any moneys related to the program that cannot be refunded or recovered, and an additional cancellation fee may be assessed.
  9. Seniors must meet Bethel's residency requirements when participating in an off-campus program. Courses taken on certain approved consortium programs can meet residency requirements. All Bethel interim off-campus courses meet Bethel's residency requirements.
  10. Bethel reserves the right to contact a parent, guardian, or any person a student has indicated to contact in reasonable case of perceived danger or emergency. Bethel will also make an attempt to notify the student when such contact takes place.
  11. Students under 18 years of age and Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) students may not participate in Bethel off-campus programs.
  12. Bethel reserves the right to cancel a student’s acceptance to a program due to academic or disciplinary circumstances at any time after acceptance. The student will be responsible for any payments already made and may be responsible for additional fees the cancellation incurred.
  13. Students cannot audit off-campus courses.
  14. Bethel does not support student applications to locations under a Travel Warning advisory by the U.S. State Department unless it is offered by one of our approved program providers.  Students wishing to participate in other programs must withdraw from Bethel for the semester they are abroad.

Pricing for Affiliated Semester Off-Campus Programs
  1. Students participating Bethel affiliated programs will be charged the amount equivalent to the provider program charges as well as a nominal administrative fee.
  2. Students will also be responsible for paying addition fees including books, personal expenses, transportation etc. These fees vary from program to program. Contact the Office of Off-Campus Programs/International Studies for specific information about additional expenses.
    1. The program fee will be charged to students' Bethel accounts and must be paid in full before the off-campus term begins. While students are ineligible for institutional aid during their time abroad, they are permitted to use their other types financial aid (federal and state). Awards that require students to be on campus (i.e. performance awards and work study) cannot be used. The students will be maintained as Bethel students in all ways. They will maintain their same registration priority with other Bethel students and be assured of credit transfer. Interim tuition and room is included in the above fees if students are also full-time at Bethel in the other semester of the academic yea